Our Pledge to You

At Thomas Tree Carpentry we will not sacrifice quality of materials or craftsmanship for our own profit.

We believe in assisting our clients and communicating openly with them or their engineers or architects from the beginning to the end of their projects.

About Us

Thomas Tree Carpentry is a residential construction company in Toronto Ontario. Our services include renovations and additions as well as landscape carpentry such as decks, pergolas and gazebos.

We take great pride in providing outstanding craftsmanship and service to all of our clients, regardless of the size or nature of their projects. Ultimately it is our goal to help our clients create beautiful and functional spaces throughout their homes and properties.


At Thomas Tree Carpentry we only employ builders of skill and integrity that are not only dedicated to their work but truly enjoy it and value the benefits that their work brings to our clients and their homes. This unwavering standard also extends to all of our sub trades, ensuring that every aspect of your projects are held to the same exacting standards.

These qualifications not only give Thomas Tree Carpentry the ability to skillfully complete your construction project, but also the knowledge to safely design structures in accordance with the Ontario Building Code or to even more stringent engineering guide lines as required or desired.

About The Owner

Brian Thomas Welch, the owner of Thomas Tree Carpentry is a dedicated professional who before entering the carpentry trade completed an education in Civil Engineering Technology majoring in the structural discipline. Brian’s continuing experience as a carpenter and project manager coupled with his past experience in the engineering community has allowed him to develop the abilities to execute projects on schedule and within the given budget. This experience has also given him the ability to stay calm and happy in challenging situations while providing creative problem solving skills.